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How is it build

Merkiva Alpha is a combination of 2 interpenetrating Merkabas based on the shapes of triangular pyramids. Solar (masculine) Merkaba is made of high quality stainless steel. Terrestrial (feminine) Merkaba is made of brass. All corners and tips are filled with carefully selected semi-precious crystalline stones. There are 12 crystals in the corners and 7 in the central core. They enhance the effect of Merkaba pyramids. The power flows from pyramids through crystals, stimulating them to strong radiation. Thanks to this the power and the quality of the entire device increases significantly.


The Merkiva is surrounded by two spirals made of copper and brass. The force generated in the Merkiva interior, passing through the spirals, swirls in them like in a turbine, thanks to which it gains additional power and is gently transferred to the spirally rotating aura of humans and other living creatures.


Merkiva Alpha in the attached video was set in motion to better show its shape.

How it works

You do not have to make any effort. The energy of Merkiva will come to you automatically. Just lie down, sit comfortably or have a cup of tea. After a few minutes you you will notice your thoughts become clear and focused. This is because Merkiva Alpha synchronizes the work of the brain to the Alpha frequency, which is appropriate for states of ordered thinking.

During the initial period of the first 2 weeks, many users experience a strong flow of energy throughout their body. The chakras begin to spin at an increased speed and this is often felt tangibly. Over time, these experiences stabilize and the entire body is raised to a higher vibration.


Meditative tool

Alpha state of mind is a characteristic feature of Merkiva Alpha. No more confusing thoughts flying simultaneously in many directions. It is enough to stop or sit for a moment under the Merkiva Alpha to turn off the mind from the chaos outside. Thoughts begin to organize, acquire a deeper meaning and expression. A focused mind easily finds solutions of life situations, discovers new ideas and leans their practical application.

This Merkiva Alpha is useful in everyday life as a discreet advisor when we are looking for answers and have decisions to make. It is an excellent instrument for all those who study and work creatively.

With the Merkiva Alpha, people who meditate will easily enter a spontaneous meditation, and with a handful of skills you can effortlessly achieve a state of a deep focus.

Sacred geometry

Just glancing at the Spherical Merkiva Alpha is a source of countless inspirations, because the Merkiva becomes your personal teacher of Sacred Geometry. Thanks to it, discover the structure of your own fields of multidimensional energy, learn how to handle and how to develop them. It is your unique step towards a new dimension of existence!

Wielowymiarowa Merkiva Sferyczna Piramida,święta geometria,energia kształtów,sfera,energetyzator,odpromiennik,Merkaba,piramida horusa,piramidy energetyczne

Merkiva Alpha on the left, next to smaller Merkiva Starlet (on the right).



The Merkiva Alpha is light, subtle and beautiful. It intrigues and attracts everyone’s attention, even of the people who are potentially not interested in a spiritual growth. Thanks to its convenient size it practically fits every space. It looks beautiful in a living room or a guest room. Installed in a bedroom it enhances colourful dreams and spiritual journeys.

Merkiva Starlet and Merkiva Alpha - size comparison


Shield against harmful radiation

Merkiva Alpha stabilizes and organizes energy of the environment, changing chaotic and disharmonious impact into ordered and polarized one. Fulfilling this function it acts as a shield against harmful radiation. In case of highly penetrating radiation such as watercourses, or geopathic stress, it is not about to completely block the radiation (which is practically impossible), but to convert it into neutral and harmless. The effectiveness depends on the size of the room and the intensity of the radiation to be polarized.

How to use

Merkiva Alpha beams the powerful field of force around, but the strongest stream flows directly under it. It is advised to hang it over the place of work, place for meditation, or over a place to rest. The best results are achieved when the Merkiva hangs 20-30 cm / 8 -12” above the head in sitting position or around 100 cm / 40” above the solar plexus in lying position.

It may be beneficial to hang the Merkiva over the bed, but it depends on the sensitivity and physical condition of the user. Brain synchroinization at the alpha level may favor colorful dreams, but for deep relaxation theta frequency is recommended.

For deep relaxation and theta frequency please look for our other instrument - the Golden Galaxy.

Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones. The sphere made of pure copper increases the power by ca 35% and changes the energy pattern into toroidal.

Height – 75 cm / 29,5"

Weight – 9 kg / 19,8 lbs

Dowsing intensity – 85.000 units in extended Bovis scale  (compared to the emanation of the natural Earth Chakra in Cracow, Poland, usually estimated at 120.000 units).


€ 649 - European Union

£ 555 - United Kingdom

$ 733 - USA, Canada, Mexico



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