Merkaba Alpha Power - Spherical Pyramid

Golden Merkaba Alpha Power.

Big, clear and beautiful.

It radiates soft golden light, exudes strength and peace.

This strong Merkaba spreads a protection field on yourself, your family and your home.

Most of its users feel an intensive flow of power!


How is it build

Merkaba Alpha Power is a combination of 2 interpenetrating triangular pyramids.

Merkaba Power Alpha - spiritual developement, meditation alpha and theta stages

Solar (masculine) pyramid is made of high quality stainless steel. Terrestrial (feminine) pyramid is made of brass. All corners and tips are filled with carefully selected semi-precious crystalline stones.

There are 6 strong crystals in the corners (3x amethyst, 3 x rose quartz) and 7 in the central core - arranged according to the layout of the 7 chakras. Semiprecious stones enhance the effect of Merkaba pyramids. The power flowing from Merkaba stimulates them to strong radiation. Thanks to this the power and the quality of the entire device increases significantly.


The Merkaba is surrounded by spheres made of brass. The spheres increase the power, make it more round, so that the energy becomes easily absorbed by humans.

How it works

Golden Merkaba Alpha Power makes the brain work on deep alpha waves (clear thinking) and theta waves (profound relaxation and pleasure of being). It is enough to stay under it in silence for several minutes to feel the peace and pleasure of existence. The mind and body relaxes, tensions are released, thoughts become clear and transparent. All energy centers in the body become calm and clean. This improves the conduction of the life force. Many users feel as if they are surrounded by golden light.

Golden Merkaba Alpha Power opens the communication chanel with higher dimensions and connects you with the field of higher consciousness. This is the level where the reality is being created.

Sacred geometry

Golden Merkaba Alpha Power, with strong, large crystals bring peace and deep meditation. It is spacious, clear and beautiful. It intrigues and attracts everyone’s attention. Just glancing at this big Merkaba is a source of inner peace and strength. It becomes your personal teacher of Sacred Geometry. Discover the structure of your own fields of power, learn how to handle and how to develop them!

How to use

You do not have to make any effort. The energy of Merkaba will come to you automatically. Just lie down, sit comfortably or have a cup of tea. After a few minutes you will notice your thoughts become clear and focused and your body relaxed. It is thanks to the strong action of merkaba and its crystals.

Where to use

Merkaba Alpha Power beams the powerful field of force around you, but strongest stream of power flows directly under the Merkaba.

Hang it over a resting place, meditation area or over a bed – it supports deep rest and healthy sleep.

The best results are achieved when the Merkaba hangs 20-30 cm / 8 -12” above the head in sitting position or around 100 cm / 40” above the solar plexus in lying position.

It is also wise to hang it at your workplace, especially if you want to act calmly and efficiently.

Golden Merkaba Alfa Power is a beautiful decoration of every large room. The diameter between the top and bottom is 95 cm (37,4”), so in the room where you want to place it, the ceiling should be at least 240 cm (94”) high.

You can also use it outdoors. Just remember that moisture can cause a patina to brass. This does not affect the operation of the Merkaba, however for a beautiful appearance it is recommended to keep it under a roof.

Technical data:

Supporting structure of the Merkabah made of brass and high quality non-magnetic stainless steel, filled with semiprecious stones. The sphere made of brass increases the power and makes it easily absorbed by humans and all living creatures.

Arm lenght: 79 cm / 31,1"
Vertical spread (height): 96 cm / 37,8"
Weight ca: 8 kg / 17,6 lbs

Price: £ 350

Dowsing intensity – 45.000 of extended Bovis units (scaled according to the natural chakra of the Earth in Cracow, Poland, usually estimated at 120.000 units).


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