Times change - good solutions gaining in importance!

We are in the midst of Great Spiritual Changes!

In the current times the instruments based on crystals and sacred geometry has returned to their glory and become widespread in its use.

In ancient times, the Earth was inhabited by a civilisation borne of cosmic origin. This civilisation was blessed with the power of vast knowledge, enlightenment and spiritual energy. Before they departed Earth, they left cosmic signs which at the right moment in time would become a beacon (guiding light) for the Earth.

Pyramids are alive. Their energy has been growing intensively. The space beacon is increasingly active and calls us to restore the stellar communication.

We need to follow up this request. Luckily today we have the ability to reconnect without having to create enormous pyramids. With the advent of modern technology, systems can be created, based on the synchronous operation of a number of smaller instruments. With the phenomenon of resonance, their strength is reproduced and increases in accordance with the rhythm of the cosmic clock created by the pyramids.

This is how it works: Installation the Focus of the Force.


Here is a photo of the Energy Complex located in Pomerania, one of three stationed in Poland, powerful cosmic antenna sockets.


The current installation of the Focus of the Force consists of:

• great Pyramids Merkaba „Stargate” type (7.5 metres in hight)

• 9 Pyramids Merkaba „Dimensional Gateway” type (3.8 metres in hight)

• as well as hundreds of smaller activators, such as the one in the picture below:

We estimate that there are currently about 750 instruments of various sizes (data from the 4-th quarter of 2014), of which the vast majority have been deployed in Poland, with the rest located mostly in other European countries.



Every one, even the smallest Merkaba energy activator is a powerful energy pyramid, which is interacting with other instruments of power and fills Earth's space with a Crystal Field of Consciousness.

The Crystal Field of Consciousness is the gift of cosmic ancient beings to Earth. The vast Network Connection was designed thousands of years ago, at a time when the Earth was the House of the Gods. Information travels by means of light. Through the use of crystal connections this light of information spreads infinitely faster than through conventional means of communication.


Join the crystalline network today!

Increase your spiritual potential in this important and unique time!

Just take the first step. Instruments that can facilitate this step are already available to you:

Each Merkaba energy activator it is a precision instrument. It combines the silent magic, held inside the pyramids with the dynamics of a living energy field. It comes in resonance with your own living Mer-Ka-Ba field, harmonizes and encourages it to be active. This leads to discrete changes in personal development at all levels, from the certainty and effectiveness in action, to deep realization and changes in understanding and feeling. From now on everything depends on You and the direction you choose.

Merkaba spreads a field of protection and abundance around you. The seeds of future events are in your hands. Now you can see them easier. It depends on you which path you will take. Trust your inner intuition.

The world of endless possibilities is right in front of you, waiting to be discovered!


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