Force Focussing Installation

Merkaba - energetyczna piramida

The photo above shows one of the nests of powerful spiritual energy generators called the the Force Focussing Installation.

The idea to create the Force Focussing Installation came up quite naturally. Over several years of intense path of spiritual and construction work, the area of Poland got studded with Merkaba Activators of different size. Back in the beginning of 2009, as we began our work with Merkabas we could sense that these structures emanate amazingly powerful energy. However, we did not expect then that their power can stretch over such a wide area. In the end of 2011, the impact of numerous Merkaba Activators scattered mainly in the area of Poland was clearly distinct. It can be especialy clearly sensed when you travel from areas where this kind of energy is random. For the first time we could experience this highly activated and charged spiritual energy after being away for several day stay in Egypt, where in November 2011 we had strong experiences with the energy of the pyramids. After landing back in Poland we could clearly sense the same type of energy we have met before in the pyramids of Egypt. With one significant difference – it was created not by massive stone buildings, but by synchronic activity of many Merkabas working together and creating a field of harmoniously vibrating energy.

On 7 December 2011, thanks to cooperation of several commited and driven people, in Sochaczew Province the first, pilot Merkaba Dimensional Gateway was established. The range of this unique cosmic antenna was truly amazing. The distance from the place when this big Merkaba was installed to the place when we live was about 350 km. Still, the impact of this instrument could be clearly sensed!

Just 6 weeks later – on 21 January 2012 a beautiful Dimensional Gateway was established nearby our house between the forests and lakes of West Pomerania.

Merkaba Brama Światów - Pomorze

The year 2012 was time of taking small and big steps. Innovative solutions introduced to construction of the Dimensional Gateway, enabled to launch production series and reaching even greater instruments... On 5 August 2012 the first great Merkaba of Gate to Stars type was established.

Merkaba Gwiezdne Wrota

They reach up to 7,5 meters high. We assume that reach ranges approximate radius of 750 km!

Thanks to great commitment of the community a really great project could be completed. At present, The Force Focussing Installation is composed of 3 great Merkaba Gate to Stars type (7,5 m high) and 7 Merkabas Dimensional Gateway type (3,8 m high). One of Dimensional Gateways is located in Limerick county in Ireland.

We can add more hundreds of minor instruments widely scattered over the whole area (models of: Starlet, Alpha, Power Alpha).

Merkaba Alfa Moc


All components of Installation – small, big and huge Merkabas resonate within one another and create a pyramid of energy – harmonious field of enhanced vibrations. This field affects our consciousness and wakes up from long time dream. We begin to bring back the ancient knowledge of ourselves, of who we are and what we do in this dimension.

Can impact of the Force Focussing Installation be felt? Of course – even very distinctively! Especially when we compare time when we were away from its influence for some time.

Especially when you have a chance to compare your stage whilst being away and than comming under it's influence again. Sensitive people can experience it during long distance travelling.

In May 2012 we went to the Brasil in a mission to look for a place for the new Earth's civilisation. Here is the note I made on our way back:

For several hours of long fly above the ocean and various countries I did not have a feeling of anything exceptional. Just ordinary, plain, grey and generally non-harmonious energy. However, during the last hour I was dazzled to see amazing show. I was flying over the area of Poland, where the impact of active Merkaba instruments was highly concentrated...

We were approaching Polish borders from the south-east part; that is in the area of impact of Dimensional Gateway in Lower Silesia. Flying over this area I experienced huge change. The energy which up till now was grey and amorphous took on polarized form – harmonious and ordered. I know this type of energy very well as I work with pyramids every day and Merkaba is indeed a specific form of pyramid. This energy began to take on interesting fantastic arrangements. The closer to the centre of the country, the more energy could be noticed. There was the whole sea of energy! From this sea, from time to time, explosions of energies like geysers or solar reflections went up forming fractal patterns. Wonderful! Amazing! I could not take my eyes off it! I mean the third eye...

I thought to myself – how wonderful! Fine, but how does it relate to all this media, religion and politics turmoil, which constantly pass before our eyes like some kind of a soap opera. The answer came to us as we were landing which like mental mist embraced us gently but effectively.

Both energies – this wonderful polarized energy and this grey amorphous energy exist independently at the present state. These energies penetrate but do not interact. The one who is connected to the grey energy receives what he wants. Those who can see through the mist gain free access to concepts and visions unknown before.

This experience filled me with joy and hope: Force Focussing Installation really works!

It is worth noticing that in time when I could observe this, only 5 base stations of Merkaba of Gate of Worlds were established. The Gate to Stars was unheard of! Since then, power of Installation of Focusing Power has substantially enhanced.


During 4 weeks of Great Solstice (from 6 December 2012 to 6 January 2013) a great deal of energy phenomena occurred. The ones who were interested in solstice subject know that the Crystal Net (sometimes known as "Christ Net") was initiated in that time. This is energetic net designed by advanced cosmic civilizations allowing information impulses to spread with enormous speed. As they are quantum reactions, we can practically speak of speeds far exceeding the speed of light.

Sieć Kryształowa (siatka chrystusowa)

By establishing the Force Focussing Installation, we have practically contributed to the activation of the Crystalline Network. It is a preparation for completely new and unknown possibilities which are just ahead. We are now experiencing presence of high creative energies which were kept away from us for many thousands of years. The awaken people can get ready to experience such manifestations of power of spirit, so that highly concentrated thoughts are brought to actual realization right in time they were created. In fact, this is just beginning to happen. However 2 types of reality still exist.

In the first reality we can meet people who believe in nothing and choose to be upset instead of trying to change their life.

In the second reality we can meet people who notice this great chance given to them and without looking back, embrace new unfolding opportunities.

Which side will you be on?

Make a decision, it is just a moment.

One clear and decisive thought to be followed by adequate acting.

We are here to assist you in bringing this thought to reality.


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