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Merkaba Sigma


Sigma name comes from the character Σ - eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. In mathematics, the letter used in the aggregation. The main idea of the design and experimental work on the new Merkaba was combination of opposing elements. Sign Σ means the connection is managed very well!


Merkaba`s produced before the introduction of Merkaba Sigma were welded structures. Classical structures were made ​​of stainless steel or brass. Steel Merkaba gave vibration strong and clearly perceptible, but lacked the softness and warmth, which can be obtained at the use of brass.

Merkaby klasyczne, model Gwiazda

An example of the art welded: from left Merkaba Starlet steel, Merkaba Starlet brass

The brass Merkabas were beautiful, warm and pleasant, but lacked the power structure of steel.

Merkaba klasyczna mosiężna

Stainless steel gives a strong and determined vibration and the effect is clear. This material synchronizes with the male`s solar energy which is associated with the functioning of the mind. Vibration of steel guides the mind and helps glimpses of genius. It also helps to find solutions to life situations.

Brass gives a warm and gentle vibration, falls within the resonance of the feminine energy of the Earth. Brass in Merkaba is like a touch of a loved one - a gentle and sometimes imperceptibly exuding pleasant, harmonious aura. It is an ideal tool to bring into the house harmony and peace. It soothes the emotions, soothes the nerves, have a golden glow.

Looking at a combination of both metals has led us to develop a steel piramidons equipped with precise clamping mechanism. This made ​​it possible to connecting virtually any type of metal.

In addition, a surprising result was obtained. It turned out that the Merkaba equipped with a corner piramidons work much harder. It created here, a phenomenon known builders of the skeletal pyramids.For the energy flowing properly, the tip of a pyramid made ​​of tubes or rods should always be crowned by pyramidion, which is a miniature pyramid with full closed walls.

Merkaba Sigma is equipped with 8 steel piramidions (one at each corner) strongly concentrating the energy in the corners, and six steel fasteners located in mutual interpenetration Merkaba`s energy fields. The impulses of the corner crystals are transferred to piramidions by copper sleeves.


Changes in technology of performance and connection two elements - a gentle, feminine vibration of brass, dynamic male`s vibration steel gave a great effect effect:

Merkaba Sigma is very precise and powerful activator of psychic energy!


Merkaba Sigma model Gwiazda
New Merkaba Starlet made with Sigma technology


Merkaba Sigma, model Alfa Moc

Merkaba Power Alpha made with Sigma technology.

The basic version of the Merkaba Sigma is a structure made ​​of brass topped with a steel connectors. Due to the golden, warm vibration of brass is an ideal radiesthetic material.

Dealing with brass Merkaba gives pleasure and eases the conflicts, and a small addition of steel piramidions and connectors is sufficient to give Merkabie more decisive character.


Mild vibration of brass is not for everyone is clearly perceptible. For those customers who need a version with enhanced vibration of the mind, in October 2012 we introduced the possibility of purchase Activators Merkaba made ​​of steel and brass in 60/40. Merkaba made like this has an upper tetrahedron made ​​of stainless steel and the bottom of the brass. This combination is useful for people who have difficulties with calmness of mind, and for those who are seeking life solutions.

Merkaba Sigma Alpha Power model type B (made in the proportion of steel-brass 60/40)


This combination is useful for people who have difficulties with calmness of mind and for people life seeking solutions. Option 60/40 has been marked as a revision B.

The choice is therefore as follows:

Version A - tetrahedrons with brass fittings and piramidions non-magnetic steel.

Version B - tetrahedron lower (female) made ​​of brass, tetrahedron upper (male) and piramidions and fittings made ​​of non-magnetic steel

Version C - all non-magnetic steel. This version is recommended only for Merkabas used outdoors. Because of the sensitivity to moisture brass, Merkabas designed for outdoor use (gardens, balconies, gazebos) are made ​​from 100% stainless steel.



To help you choose the right model please use the GUIDANCE.



Brass parts not to let tarnish, it must be polish once for several months with a flannel cloth with the addition of abrasive compound (for example a polishing paste, available at petrol stations and auto shops). Because the vast majority of customers choosing Merkaba Sigma, from October 2012 It replaces most of welded models.

Details can be found on the Models & Prices




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