Technical information

In the initial stage of the Merkiva program implementation we hoped that at least a part of currently working Merkaba Activators can be transformed into the multidimensional version. Due to technical reasons this option turned out to be impossible. The immediate reason is a diameter of the used materials. For Merkiva construction we use bars of smaller diameter as it turned out that a big number of interpenetrating connections give a construction that is stable enough and allows usage of much more delicate materials. Our aim was to create as light Merkiva as possible. It was very important because we were aware that the greater number of arms and the stones placed in them may simply be too heavy. With alternating a size of the diameter we have gained a more delicate structure with a touch of finesse and lightness.

Here is a comparison of the weight and diameters of 2 basic Merkaba models and the Multidimensional Merkiva:


Vertical span (cm)


Bar diameter



Merkaba Alpha




Multidimensional Merkiva Alpa




Merkaba Powe Alpha




Wielowymiarowa Merkiva Alfa Moc




In order to all elements of the construction fit together, a very precise calculations in the initial stage of the project were necessary. Do you know that a single Merkiva consists of 4 different sizes of bars? All structures interpenetrate each other therefore the mounting requires awareness and focus. It is a bit like with racing cars manufacture. You need the highest class material for this sort of professional stunting equipment. All parts must fit together ideally and the mounting requires a very detailed work, demand high qualifications. The quality of the product is what matters most thus neither racing cars nor the Multidimensional Merkiva Activators can be made in large quantities nor at fast pace.


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