Customers' opinions

Jennifer Heyes, Oxford, United Kingdom

I confirm delivery of my wonderful Merkiva! I have now unpacked it and it is so powerful! Now I am carefully unwrapping all the lovely crystals. I am so thrilled with it and will put it in my room with the gongs to start off, it is just beyond what I expected, thank you so much. I will get back to you when I have set it up and sat under it. When I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes. No words it is wonderful!

Some hour later:

What an evening for me! Michael my husband who is not spiritual helped me put the Merkiva up in my room and was quite overcome by its presence when finished. He wants one in the house! On the landing but I feel this Merkiva will go in my bedroom eventually. I sat under it and felt I had a hat on. Silly but powerful and tearful, I did not really want to leave the energy. It is very special.

I am so happy that I am your first English carer of Merkiva. Perhaps it was meant to be that I am caring and looking after it for my time on Earth.

After some days:

Merkiva is very beautiful and so powerful. It is in the gong room now. Christopher's words were “awesome it is for travelling, just awesome and special”. (Christopher plays gongs). He wants the Merkiva to stay with the gongs as it has changed the atmosphere in the room. It's energy gives me an excited feeling in my solar plexus and heart area but not unpleasant just energy I will have to think about where it goes, over my bed or with the gongs.

Michal if you have any customers who would like to see the Merkiva before buying one they are very welcome to visit and see mine. It is very special!

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Vladimir B. Lviv, Ukraine

The Merkiva has been delivered - it is perfect and looks great!

My mother feels swirling flow of energy in the head and the upper part of the body whenever she sits under the Merkiva. That is probably ok, right?


Sebastian J. from Cork, Ireland:

The Merkiva has reached me – it is really a good, piece of work. All metal parts and crystals are very well connected, very professional look.

Markiva has changed my aura and the aura of my house. It motivates me to meditate! When I meditate under it I feel some hard to describe sounds, which I know from my previous meditations (from time to time), but under Merkiva I have it all the time in high concentration!


Barbara M. from Rypin, Poland

Merkiva is beautiful! I felt it like someone dear came to my house. And what a power!Incredible! One only has to know how to use this power.


Jarek Drozdowski, Nykobing, Denmark

Hi Michael, thank you for the Merkiva. I could say a lot, but I will tell it very briefly - it is admiring, wonderful and perfect!


Artur M. from Lodz, Poland

I am using 2 activators: Merkaba Power Alpha and Merkiva Power Alpha. Before I was using Merkaba, but as soon as Merkiva project was ready I bought one at once. Well, words cannot describe realizations from the contact with Merkiva. You must try it yourself. It is wonderful!


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