Call of the circle

Monday, 26. July 2010

The call of the stone circle

I call upon you, my Stellar Brothers.
I can sense your presence, though I do not know where you are.
I know that you can hear me, although maybe it is only now that you will be able to interpret this call consciously.
Once, together we used to create great civilisations.
So different from the one which you can see around you.
You were constructors,
Masters of time and space,
Creators and guardians of life,
Adepts of sacred geometry,
Designers of time and space,
Bearers of knowledge and wisdom,
Expert in energy,
Divine artists,

And you are still.

Though some powers and talents are now shrouded behind the veil of oblivion.

I call upon you, for the time is near when we will again create and work together.
It depends on you and your united creative will, when and how this age of darkness will come to an end.

For eons, you have been the creators and destroyers of worlds.
Now, you are here, on Earth,
On the cusp of epochs.
You are not here by accident.

The worlds which you create are beautiful.
Everything beautiful attracts like a magnet.
But not everyone in the universe follow the principle of love and cooperation.
Your worlds require protection.
Some of you are guardians of the light.

The fire which your united will can summon,
Can effect a radical change of the programme of life on this beautiful, but enslaved planet.
Aggression will be replaced by love,
Ignorance by understanding,
Darkness by light.
You know how to programme reality.
You know how to create.
You have done it countless times.

I invoke the Purple Flame,
The Fire of Divine Transformation.
You know how to use it,
You know how to summon it,
You have it inside.
Through your agency, let it change the face of the Earth!
Whoever you are today,
Wherever you are,
NOW is the time to unite and act.

I have built a stone circle.
Together with my friends, we made it an emitter,
We have contacted other places of force,
We connected it into the crystalline grid.
The circle continues to call out.

Now is your turn...

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