We are a familly owned company.

Anna Papierska                 Michal Papierski

Anna Papierska              Michal Papierski


Although the word "company" does not reflect the deeper sens of our activity. In fact making such strong spiritual instruments like Merkaba Activators and Spherical Pyramids cannot be treated as an ordinary job designed mainly for earning money. Our work is a mission.

Violet Flame - Merkaba - Your Place of Force

Both of us (the parents) remember our previous lives when the Earth was beautiful and unpoluted, inhabited by divine human beings. Our mission is to bring this world alive again. Merkaba Activators and Spherical Pyramids wake up your hidden abilities and help to bring back your lost memory. We know they have a potential to accelerate the process of global changes. As you can notice on enclosed above picture, we run this mission together with our daughter, who made us a favour on one sunny day, by comming to us from distant stars. Yes, the world will change!

1 Main address:

Merkaba International

Czochryn 8, 78-445 Lubowo, Poland

Landline phone: +48-943751191, mobile: +48-604487802


2 UK branch:

Spherical Pyramids Ltd

The Legacy Business Centre, 2a Ruckholt Road, Office 228

E10 5NP London, United Kingdom

Company Number 9920076

Tel: 01158880510

International calls: +44 115888510 - we call back if we miss your call

Skype: violetflame-merkaba




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tel: +44 1158880510

We call back if we miss your call. Skype: violetflame-merkaba